Lens Care

Microfiber lens and optical cloths are the safe, gentle way to care for your eyeglasses and other delicate lenses. Ultra-fine, woven Microfiber gently cleans and removes dust and dirt without scratching sensitive surfaces. Wipe away smudges, fingerprints, and more for clear viewing and a clean and polished shine.

  • Give delicate lenses and sensitive surfaces a streak-free shine, without scratching
  • Gently remove dust, dirt, smudges, fingerprints, grease, and more for clear viewing
  • Clean and polish eye glasses, binoculars, camera lenses, electronics, TV and computer screens
  • Lightweight cloths can be easily stored in your glasses or camera case, purse, wallet, or pocket

Microfiber technology is the safest, gentlest choice for lens care. Whether you choose suede or fine optical cloths, your delicate lenses will enjoy a scratch-free shine.